For Things to Take Root, You Have To Dig Deep

Of the readings this week, two stood out to me, A Co-Creation Primer and Collaboration for Hard Times, which both blended and begged the question of me: is this specifically with participatory learning environments/makerspaces in mind or other, general “collaborative” projects? For example, the Library Journal article asks us to remember to have a specific end-goal in mind. Yet something like a makerspace is a constantly evolving and creative undertaking, very adaptive to the needs and desires of the users to utilize it, so where would its “end goal” be?

I feel like this week’s reading is more on the overarching theme of “innovative practices” as a whole. Because we honestly do need to adapt and evolve to keep up with the changing pace of society and how they seek information, and each other. I feel that a library serves those two purposes in equal measure. We facilitate the gathering of knowledge and entertainment, and where people can connect. I think identifying what a library is, and what it means to the people who work there, go there, and might go there but just don’t realize what it can be, is crucial in helping us see how to best focus our efforts and make initiatives to evolve to meet those goals.

One thing I did like about the two articles was the talk of commitment and going in for “the long haul.” Both mentioned it in one way or another, either by “nurturing relationships” or having a “wholehearted commitment” to a partnership/goal/initiative, etc. I think this is key. Just like the stock market, it takes a lot of risk to get the greatest return on investment. Savings bonds and the steady, constants of “the way we’ve always done things” just won’t cut it. Rarely, if anyone, got rich off of savings bonds. But to really take that risk, you have to be absolutely committed to that change. You have to be willing to ride out the ups and the downs and not jump ship at the first flinching change in the DOW. It takes years of faithfulness, belief, and work in that partnership/idea to see its true potential bear fruit. It’s just like a marriage. That commitment yields far greater rewards than a fickle romance. You have to dig deep for things to take root.



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